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The 2nd Annual Matt Henk Foundation Benefit Softball Tournament

Open Division Champions:

Panini's/The Squad

Public Safety Divsions Champions:

Michigan Heat
2010 Open Divsion Final Rankings

Open Division

1st Place: Panini's/The Squad
2nd Place: Integrity Stainless
3rd Place: SPC Sports
4th Place: Sandbar/Oasis
5th Place: Nerone and Sons
S & S Lounge
7th Place: Hooley House
9th Place: Team Roland
Sites Now
Average Joe
World Truck
13th Place: Piping Muskees
Dog and Pony
Bad News Bears
16th Place: F Cancer
Cometic Gasket
Mobile 1
19th Place: Mentor Methodist Church

2010 Public Safety Division Final Rankings

1st Place: Michigan Heat
2nd Place: Akron Fire
3rd Place: Motor City Fire
4th Place: Cleveland Fire
5th Place: Metro Cleveland
Baltimore City Fire
7th Place: Loudoun County (VA.) Fire
Jackson (MI) Fire
9th Place: Newton Township Fire
Wickliffe Fire
Willoughby Fire
Mentor Fire A
13th Place: Painesville Fire
Euclid Fire 1
Madison Fire
Mentor Fire B
17th Place: Mentor Police
Euclid Fire 2
Parma Fire
Hambden Township Fire
Mentor Fire C-5
Concord Township Fire
Lakewood Fire
Mentor Fire Explorers
25th Place: Mentor on The Lake Fire
Mayfield Heights Fire
Hopkins Airport Fire
28th Place: Cuyahoga Falls Fire