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3rd Annual Matt Henk Foundation Benefit Softball Tournament

2011 Public Safety Division Co-Champions:

Cleveland Fire
Columbus Fire Dawgs
2011 Open Division Champions:
Elk and Elk
2011 Open Division Final Rankings

1st Place: Elk and Elk 5-0
2nd Place: Headwaters 7-2
3rd Place: Calvins 4-2
4th Place: Integrity 3-2
5th Place: Hubbs 3-2
Nager 2-2
7th Place: Tiny Tim's 4-2
Natural Lite 3-2
9th Place: Sports and Spirits 2-2
Ohio Merchants 2-2
T2W 1-2
C&M 3-2
13th Place: Lintern 2-2
Marios's 1-2
Burger Nuts 1-2
Tires 4 Less 1-2
17th Place: F Cancer 0-2
Winking Lizard 0-2
St. Bedes 1-2
Mobile One 1-2
Impact 0-2
Hooley House 0-2
Cometic Gasket 0-2

2011 Public Safety Division Final Rankings

1st Place: Cleveland Fire and Columbus
Fire Dawgs (tie) 4-1
3rd Place: Michigan Heat 5-2
4th Place: Loudoun County 4-2
5th Place: Akron Fire
Newton Twp.
7th Place: Jackson Fire
Baltimore City
9th Place: Euclid Fire 3-2
South Euclid 2-2
Mentor Firefighters 2-2
Mentor Police
13th Place: Hopkins Airport
Mayfield Heights
Parma Fire
Willoughby Fire
17th Place: Hambden Fire
M.T.F. 1-2
Mentor Hook and Ladder
Euclid Police
Cleveland Heights Fire
Mentor C-5 0-2
Montville Fire
Wickliffe Fire