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2018 Tournament Results

Public Safety Division

1st - PGFD

2nd - Brothers 4 Ever

3rd - Michigan Heat

4th - Pittsburgh Fire Gold

5th - Detroit PD
        Loudoun Co. Fire

7th - One Nation
        We Are Not The Coast Guard

9th - Parma Fire
        Mentor Local 1845 Black
        Pittsburgh Fire Black
        Newton Twp. Fire

13th - Lakewood PD/FD
          Euclid Fire
          Mentor PD
          South Euclid Fire
17th - Guardians of The Galaxy
          Dayton Fire
          Greater Cleveland Fire
          Mentor Local 1845 Red
          Pittsburgh Fire Gray
23rd   Cleveland Fire (No Show)

Open Division

1st - Titans/Truckin/Cashhouse ATM/Pauer

2nd - Wayne County

3rd - Dirty 30

4th - Nager Law

5th - C&M Transport
        B&R Tile

7th - Rubber City Kings
        Kaidens Warriors/HGH/515

9th - Bad News Bears
        Off The Chain/Quality Stamping
        2 & Out
        Moore's Construction/Timio's

13th - Average Joe's
          Johnny's Orphans
          The Mega Powers
          SPC Sports

17th - The Mean Machine
          Got Game Hub
          Sines Marathon