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2017 Tournament Results

Public Safety Division

1st - PGFD

2nd - Michigan Heat

3rd - St. Louis

4th - Metro Cleveland

5th - Brothers 4 Ever
        Newton Twp.

7th - Pittsburgh 1
        Mentor Police

9th - Fredrick Co.
        Mentor Local 1845
        Cleveland Fire
        Pittsburgh Fire 2

13th - South Euclid
15th - Hambden Twp. Fire
          Willoughby Fire
          Guardians of The Galaxy

Open Division

1st - Titans

2nd - Maroadi

3rd - R & L Concrete

4th - SS12

5th - Go Sports
        New Era

7th - Mud City
        B & R Tile

9th - SPC
        Cool RUnnings
        Great Lakes Gutters

13th - Unknowns
          Eastside Eagles
          Mercy's Pet

17th - Moving Ahead Services
          Lone Wolves
          Johnny's Orphans
          Funks Tooth
          Collateral Management